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Ibri, 16.03.2023

Days 243–258: Riyadh – Ibri

16 Days of Desert: A Chronology


Riyadh, 28.02.2023

Days 231–241: Buraidah – RiyadhThe State of Saudi Arabia

Campin’ on the Edge between Camel Market and Shopping Mall


Buraidah, 16.02.2023

Days 221–230: Medina – BuraidahOur Bedroom I (Tent)Mecca, Medina and Muhammad

Princes of Hospitality


Medina, 09.02.2023

Days 209–221: Wadi Rum – MedinaArab Revolt (with David)

Desert and yet Plenty of Water


Wadi Rum, 26.01.2023

Days 195–207: Be’er Sheva – Wadi RumLongtime Travel Bureaucracy Part 3 (Travel Health Insurance)

Wadde hadde Wadi da?


Negev, 14.01.2023

Days 185–194: Jericho – Be’er ShevaOur Garage III (Panniers Addendum)Jerusalem (with David)

Holy Cities, Holy Fuss


Jericho, 01.01.2023

Days 171–184: Larnaca – JerichoHow come Israel, Golan Heights and West Bank?Bahai Faith

In the land of walls and fences


Larnaca, 19.12.2022

Days 156–170: Kyrenia – LarnacaLongtime Travel Bureaucracy Part 2 (Health Insurance)A Small History of Cyprus

Crises in Cyprus


Bogazi, 11.12.2022

Days 146–155: Kemer – TaşucuLongtime Travel Bureaucracy Part 1 (Unemployment)

Ups and Downs in the Taurus Mountains


Kemer, 24.11.2022

Days 125–145: Izmir – KemerAncient Greeks in Western Turkey (with David)Ottomans VII: Turkish War of Independence

Cycling the World of Wonders (of the World)


Pamukkale, 02.11.2022

Days 113–123: Çanakkale – IzmirTroy (with David) Ottomans VI: World War I and Battle of Gallipoli

What we do not know about Troy


Çanakkale, 22.10.2022

Days 102–112: Istanbul-Maltepe – ÇanakkaleOur Garage IIOttomans V: Balkan Wars Despite Reforms

Encounters along the Sea of Marmara


Istanbul, 10.10.2022

Days 95–101: IstanbulVaccinations III (Other Vaccinations)Ottomans IV: Endless Crises

Istanbul: Capital of Two World Empires


Istanbul, 08.10.2022

Days 95–98: IstanbulOttomans I–III: Foundation, Conquest of Constantinople, Peak of Power

20626 Square Degrees 1453


Istanbul, 04.10.2022

Days 83–94: Plovdiv – Istanbul-SarıyerByzantium V: Two Crusades, Partition and Fall

On Four Lanes over 1001 Hills

Istanbul, 03.10.2022

Best of Balkans

Best of Balkans


Plovdiv, 21.09.2022

Days 77–81: Vinica – PlovdivOrthodox Church and Byzantium IV: East–West Schism (with David)

Finally there is Lidl again!


Vinica, 15.09.2022

Days 72–76: Ohrid – VinicaOur Garage I (Panniers)Macedonian Independence and EU Aspirancy

In the Shadow of North Macedonian Highways


Ohrid, 10.09.2022

Days 63–70: Tirana – OhridByzantium III: Byzantine Iconoclasm (with David)

Beach Vacation or Something like That


Tirana, 02.09.2022

Days 55–62: Shkodër – TiranaVaccinations II (Travel Vaccinations)Skanderbeg

We do not Kiss upon Request!


Shkodër, 24.08.2022

Days 45–53: Žabljak – ShkodërVaccinations I (Standard Vaccinations)Road to the Independence of MontenegroEnver Hoxha and a Brief History of Albania

From Hiking to Triking

Podgorica, 19.08.2022

Day 44: Žabljak

Misty Hiking in the Durmitor


Žabljak, 13.08.2022

Days 37–42: Mostar – ŽabljakOur “PR”Tito, the Partisans and the Battle of Sutjeska

3.24 Tunnels per Kilometer


Mostar, 06.08.2022

Days 28–34: Bihać – MostarYugoslav Wars II: Bosnian WarThe Bosnian ConstitutionByzantium II: Slavic Land Seizure

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Beautiful, but Complicated


Bihać, 29.07.2022

Days 20–27: Idrija – BihaćOur BicyclesByzantium I: Partition of the Roman EmpireYugoslav Wars I: 10 Days War and Croatia War

Croatia Consists not only of Coast


Idrija, 21.07.2022

Days 12–19: Innsbruck – IdrijaA Small Introduction to Slovenia

Challenging Alp Passes, Meaningless Construction Sites and the First Accident


Innsbruck, 12.07.2022

Days 4–11: Waldenbuch – InnsbruckPreparation and Planning of the Tour

In Ulm and around Ulm and from Iller to Inn


Waldenbuch, 04.07.2022

Days 1–3: Karlsruhe – WaldenbuchIdea of the Tour

First Stop Chocolate Workshop

Karlsruhe, 23.04.2022

Belinda’s Prologue

The Long Road to the Tour

Karlsruhe, 23.04.2022

Tizian’s Prologue

The Pamir Highway

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