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Days 185–194Jericho – Be’er Sheva

Jerusalem (with David)

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Holy Cities, Holy Fuss

Published on 14.01.2023, 16:43 in Negev, Israel

This report’s podcast is only available in german:  Heilige Städte, heiliger Zirkus.

From Jericho (-235 m) we head high up into the hills and mountains of Palestine, where one holy city after another approaches us - first and foremost, of course, Jerusalem (808 m). We talk at length with David about the significance of the city for the various religions and, of course, also report on how we experienced this extremely multifaceted city on site. We continue to Bethlehem and finally to Hebron. Hebron is the only Arab city in the West Bank where Jews also live. Why? Because the second holiest Jewish site is located here. And, of course, everything would be far too simple and straightforward if this site were not also the fourth holiest in Islam. After episode 20, in which the secular aspects of the Middle East conflict were the main topic, the whole thing now gets a bit of religious seasoning.

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