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Days 45–53Žabljak – Shkodër

Road to the Independence of Montenegro • Enver Hoxha and a Brief History of Albania

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From Hiking to Triking

Published on 24.08.2022, 14:58 in Shkodër, Albania

This report’s podcast is only available in german:  Schluchtendiskussionen und Plastiktütenirrsinn.

Despite the sore muscles from our Durmitor hike, we are able to enjoy the Tara Canyon, but afterwards we have to deal with unexpected traffic and rain again. We encounter countless cars with US license plates in the small town of Gusinje, pass an apparently very important soccer match at 1350 meters above sea level and roll through Cijevna Gorge, which takes us back to the hot climate at sea level. We give a summary of small Montenegro, try to get a first impression of Albania, and tell about the bicycle travel temple that Chuck and Susan built in Shkodra. For history buffs, we have the short version of Montenegro’s independence up our sleeve, as well as the tangled ways of Enver Hoxha, who wore out one communist supporter after another.

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We are going to get on our bicycles once again and further collect kilometers :-)

See you again soon!

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