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Days 55–62Shkodër – Tirana


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Published on 02.09.2022, 18:24 in Tirana, Albania

This report’s podcast is only available in german:  Wir küssen nicht auf Befehl!.

After meeting new bike tour fellows every day during our stay with Chuck and Susan in Shkodër, we are pretty much on our own again for the next leg of the tour: Instead of taking the direct route from Shkodra to Tirana, we spend a week riding through the rugged and very sparsely populated mountainous landscape of northeastern Albania. There, we drive along lonely, spectacular roads (including a gravel section about 50 kilometers long) past three massive reservoirs and along the Black Drin. For whom this sounds like a relaxed ride with few ascents is very much mistaken. Nevertheless, it is a dream for cyclists over long stretches. But not everything goes completely smoothly: We also have to report on somewhat unpleasant encounters with people, the forces of nature and cold viruses. We also find out what a Christian on horseback is doing in the center of the capital of Muslim Albania, how and in what Albanians drive around and whether the capital Tirana is really the cyclist’s hell on earth, as we had been warned many times.

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We are going to get on our bicycles once again and further collect kilometers :-)

See you again soon!

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