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The Barren West of Kazakhstan

Published on 29.03.2024, 23:29 in Kungrat, Uzbekistan

This report’s podcast is only available in german:  Der öde Westen Kasachstans.

On our way from Russia to the Silk Road cities of Uzbekistan, we have to cross the Caspian Depression and the Ustyurt Plateau. That’s over 1200 kilometers on dead-straight roads and endless brown-grey wasteland to the left and right, plus a strong, cold wind at all times. Rarely on our tour has the destination been so much the goal rather than the journey. This episode is about the 841 of these 1200 kilometers that we cover on Kazakh soil. And although western Kazakhstan is not necessarily a region that we can recommend for an annual summer vacation, in this episode we not only describe the tactics we used to deal with these circumstances, but also tell a little about the various cultural influences that come together in Kazakhstan.

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We are going to get on our bicycles once again and further collect kilometers :-)

See you again soon!

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