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Oh Man, Oh Man, Oman

Published on 04.04.2023, 16:02 in Dubai, Oman

This report’s podcast is only available in german:  Oh Mann, oh Mann, Oman.

Oman is by no means unknown in the bike travel community and is famous for its friendly people and beautiful nature. And indeed: The many small roads through paradisiacal, shady palm groves are indeed beautiful for cycling and the ubiquitously available free chilled drinking water makes the barren desert mountains almost a children’s birthday. Nevertheless, Oman also has its downsides: Steep gravel roads and especially dead ends are less appealing when you have to conquer every meter with your own physical strength. And then there is also Ramadan! And so we have to admit that after only one single day of rest in the whole of March, we are mainly looking forward to a few days off in Dubai.

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We are going to get on our bicycles once again and further collect kilometers :-)

See you again soon!

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