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Days 292–300Abu Dhabi – Sulaymaniyah

The Kurds and Iraqi Kurdistan

The Cyclicst’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Middle East

Published on 28.04.2023, 20:18 in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

This report’s podcast is only available in german:  The Cyclicst’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Middle East.

After crossing the Arabian Peninsula, we found ourselves in a bit of a dead end. In front of us the sea, behind us the desert, which is getting hotter and hotter now in April. And so the question arose: How the hell do we get out of here? And if possible without flying? Our plan seemed quite adventurous to us at the beginning: We want to hitchhike more than 1000 kilometers from Abu Dhabi via Saudi Arabia to the Kuwait-Iraq border and then cross Iraq by train and bus to reach the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, which is safe enough to get back on our bikes and cycle towards Turkey. In this episode we report how well that worked out and how we once again had to rely on the support of nice passers-by, truck drivers, policemen and the head floor of the Iraqi Railways. And since it’s difficult to hitchhike through cities like Kuwait City, Basra and Baghdad, you’ll still get some impressions from the saddle in this episode as well.

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We are going to get on our bicycles once again and further collect kilometers :-)

See you again soon!

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