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Arrival to Aalborg: via car (due to train strike) to Hamburg, one night at friends and further on via train to Aalborg

Day 3: Aalborg-Nørresundby – Hirtshals

Straight through northern Denmark to the ferry

Day 4: Hirtshals – Birkeland

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Passage and first impressions of Norway

Day 5: Birkeland – Kvås

One idyllic lake after another

Day 6: Kvås – Kvanvik

Small streets through unspoiled nature

Day 7: Kvanvik – Vatland

Through coastal rock landscapes

Day 8: Vatland – Vikeså

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Norwegian bicycle paths

Day 9: Vikeså – Sinnes

Overtaken by the Tour of Norway

Day 10: Sinnes – Lysebotn

Beautiful rocky landscapes next to a road reminding of high mountains

Day 11: Lysebotn – Songesand

Waiting for the ferry and an evening climb

Day 12: Songesand – Halåndsosen

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Swimming weather and Mexican food

Day 13: Halåndsosen – Sauda

From fjord to fjord

Day 14: Sauda – Røldal

Climbing through a gorge

Day 15: Røldal – Nå

Picking blueberrys on 1100 m and relaxed descent

Day 16: Nå – Jondal

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Along the fjord and around the Folgefonna glacier

Day 17: Jondal – Holdhus

Day 18: Holdhus – Valla

Day 19: Valla – Bergen

The last stretch to Bergen

Day 20: Bergen

Sightseeing in Bergen

Homeward Journey

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Homeward Journey, first via overnight ferry back to Hirtshals, then via bike to Aalborg and via train back to Karlsruhe

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